Wednesday, December 1, 2010

If You're Out There

I've always been someone who has watched the news and read the news paper.  If I was a cynic and didn't believe that there are indeed good people in the world, the news would reaffirm my beliefs that there are very few nice people out there. Thank goodness I try to see the best in people, or else I would be miserable.

The holidays are a time when people can get very bitter or very joyful. Can you guess which I way I get? (I hope you said joyful, or I'm not doing a good job of representing myself on this blog, although looking back, I have made some complaining posts). Aaaannnyyyway, I am joyful.

It's this time of year that makes me really remember how blessed I am to have lived the life I live and makes me even more appreciative of all that I have. It's this time of year, that also makes it so clear that generous, caring, loving people are out there and during this time of year those people are recognized for all that they do.

The unit that I work on has adopted a south side elementary school class for the holidays and each of us was asked to sign up for a child and buy them an article of clothing and a toy. I picked a three year old little girl and can you believe how hard it was to stick to the guideline of one clothing item and one toy? I think of this little, precious girl and wonder if my gift will be all that she gets this year. I stretched the guideline and instead of 'one clothing item' I bought a whole outfit. I haven't bough the toy yet, but I'm thinking of a way that I can stretch that guideline too. And why not? I have a full time job and thankfully I have the resources to give. Besides, it's super fun for me to go shopping and look at all of the little clothes :-)

If 'adopting' a child for the holidays and buying them a gift sounds like a great idea to you, it's really easy!  I've done it in the past through the Chicago Sun-Times, and here is this year's link -

The song of the day is John Legend's, 'If You're Out There.'  I love this song and for a long time I listened to it on repeat.  

If you're reading this and you have the means to give to another person with less than you, give.  Whether your gift be a prayer, a donation, or a material item that the other person needs, give.  I truly believe the saying that you get more than you give.  If you're out there, do something for someone else today, tomorrow, or next week.  I beg you, step outside of your life for a moment and do something.  I guarantee, you'll feel a little extra kick in your step knowing that you've done something meaningful for another person.

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  1. for years,i have been picking an angel from my church's angel tree every Christmas to buy a gift for that child. i love it! and this year i decided to buy for two children instead of just one. giving to those in need is what this season is all about. :)