Friday, December 3, 2010

You've Got a Friend in Me

I'm back posting this, even though it's Sunday, I'm saying it's Friday night - just because I can, and it's kind of cool to control time, even if it's just on here.

I'm going to mix things up and come right out and say the song of the day.  You've Got a Friend in Me, by Randy Newman.  You may know this song from one of the best movies ever - Toy Story!

Now I'll back up.

Friday was a really fun day!  After some cleaning one of my newer friends came to visit me.  We've known of each other since middle school, she dated my brother in high school, but somehow we didn't become friends until half way through college when I was at my small liberal arts school and she was a mile down the road at her huge state school.  

I think it was totally a God thing, because our friendship just kind of happened and it has been growing since then.  

We make a point to see each other around our birthdays and then every month or two during the rest of the year.  I feel like her there is no questioning what to say, how to act, or how to be.  She let's me just be me and be myself.  The other fun part is that we laugh pretty much constantly when we're together.  

Soo, we got together and went to her favorite cupcake bakery, which unbeknownst to me is just a few blocks.  I think I've found my new favorite place to go on my days off!  I got a Marble Chocolate cupcake - delicious!!!  After we got a few hours to catch up and chit-chat, we met up with my brother and his roommate since she is friends with them too, and all went out to dinner.  Yum!  We had such a nice time together reminiscing about high school, but also talking about adult topics.  I can't believe that we are old enough to be real adults in the working world with adult responsibilities (I have to pinch myself a lot to make myself remember that I am really involved with playing with people's lives-something I take very seriously, but can't believe that someone has entrusted me to do so).

I picked the Toy Story song because I hope that we will always have our little catch-up dates no matter how busy life makes us or where it takes us.

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