Monday, September 24, 2012

Pretty Girl Rock

Phew, so much for trying to post more often... 

This past month has been a whirl-wind month!  

I've gotten knee deep into my new position at work and continue to learn something new every day.  

Classes are in full swing and they are a lot of work this semester.  Juggling the three classes and a full time job are a lot of work but as is typical with me I am enjoying having something to work towards and for.

One of the most fun parts of this past month was my good friend's wedding this past weekend.  It was such a lovely day and I was honored to be a part of it!  It was a blast getting to hang out with all of the girls and groomsmen, get all dolled up and have our pictures taken.  I love weddings and they're even more fun to a be a part of them!

Here are a few pictures:

Because of the wedding and having my hair, nails and make-up done, I felt pretty :-).  Therefore, the song of this post is "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson.  Everybody deserves to feel pretty every once in a while!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

God's Been Good To Me

This past weekend I was up in Wisconsin Dells, WI for a fun weekend with some girls from work.  I never would've guessed that as a 25 year old I could've had so much fun at a water and theme park.  It was a BLAST!  We rode some roller coasters, went down the water slides, messed around, went out and had a really fun time together.  This group of friends is great because we all know what the other does at work and therefore there is an understanding of what the other has gone through so it makes us all on a really nice common playing field.  We all have different backgrounds and friends too so when we are together there is no drama which is fantastic!

This weekend I'm going to spend a day with some friends from college and then hopefully relax in my apartment.  While I was hoping to just hang low and spend an entire weekend in Chicago (which I haven't done since the end of June other than for weekends when I had to work), that will have to wait. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about having to travel to see my friends, I just can't wait to have a weekend with nothing to do!

Every day I am amazed at how good God has been to me.  I had my iTunes on shuffle today and what do you know, Keith Urban's song "God's Been Good To Me" played.  How perfect :-).

So, those are my comments for the day.  Nothing too crazy or deep about it other than that I feel blessed to live the life that I am living.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Fighter


I was well aware that it had been quite awhile since I had last posted... but last February?!?!  Woops.  

I completely fell off of the blogging bandwagon.  Honestly, not that I am back today, where do I even begin?

Life re-cap.  Since February.  I'm stumped.

Let's do some categories: work, school, friends, love, life.

Work:  I just found out yesterday that I have officially been offered (and I've accepted) a new position as a clinical coordinator (CC) on my unit.  I am very excited and nervous about starting this new role.  While I feel as though I have been valued as a leader and as a resource on my unit among my nursing peers, it will be a change to be officially seen as one by my 'higher-ups.'  The position is changing from the way the previous CC worked which will allow me to continue to have direct patient care which is fantastic.  When I was first told about the position a little lightbulb went off in my head that was like "wait a minute, Bridget.  This is a GREAT way to prepare for your masters."  This really couldn't have come at a better time and I pray that it will be an great stepping stone prior to completing my masters in clinical nurse leadership and seeing where that will take me.  Overall, work has been good too - there are always good days and bad days, but I love what I do so I wouldn't trade it!

School:The summer class that I was dreading had some ups and downs, but it is done, and I passed with flying colors!  I was expecting to get one grade and when looking at my transcript to send to work the other day I found out that I got a higher grade, so that was an awesome surprise.  In a few weeks my fall semester starts and I'll be taking three classes... it's going to be a lot but I'll just have to focus and get it done!

Friends:This summer has been full of a lot of friend time which has been awesome!  I've been able to celebrate some birthdays with high school and college friends (one of whom got us into some incredible bars), and baby showers and wedding showers for other college friends.  One of my friends just had a baby earlier this week and I could not be more excited for she and her husband!  One of my other college roommates is getting married in September so I've seen her more in the past few months prepping for that than I had since all of graduation.  I am so excited for her wedding and to be able to celebrate her big day with her.  This weekend I'm heading to the Wisconsin Dells with a group of work girls which should be so much fun!

Love:Nothing to report.  I had been talking to someone for awhile but the timing for the two of us just wasn't right and we just weren't compatible in some areas.  I came to the realization that I had been telling myself that it was all right if I found a guy who didn't have a deep faith because I am strong in my own faith, or it was OK if I compromised on some other things.  I don't like that I was telling myself this and I don't think I should have to compromise on some core qualities that I find important.  I will not sacrifice my values, beliefs or character just so that I can be in a relationship.  So if that means I am single for another month, year, decade, whatever, then I am going to have to accept that and believe that God has something planned for me and hope that it is something better than I can imagine.

Life:I've moved out of the heart of Wrigleyville to East Lakeview!  I've moved in with my sister which is going to be a learning experience.  My goal in living with her is that we will develop a friendship instead of a tolerance.  I want us to be friends and to have our kids grow up to be friends and to see us get along and enjoy one another.  Really, I'm hoping that we'll form a bond like my mom's bond to her sister which is a great example.  Back to the apartment - I am currently sitting on a chair in my bedroom looking out at the skyline all lit up and looking absolutely gorgeous.  Other perks are that I can lay in my bed (and also my couch that arrived today!) and look out at Lake Michigan.  My building also has a gym (no more excuses to not run on a rainy or too hot or too cold day!), a roof top deck, it's steps away from Diversey Harbor, a quick bus ride from North Avenue Beach and is a much easier commute to work!

Explanation of "The Fighter" by Gym Class Heroes featuring Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic being chosen as my song of the summer:I feel like everything I've fought for over the last few years - nursing school and graduating, learning and thriving at work over the past three years (I can't believe I have been a legit nurse for THREE years!!), proving myself as a competent nurse and leader, make a life for myself outside of the suburbs and learning my way around the city, succeeding in grad school thus far, etc. - has been a fight.  For some reason I feel like I've had to prove myself every step of the way.  But I've fought and I've won.  The last few weeks I've felt like everything from so many parts of my life has been falling into place.  I think this is the first time that I feel like all parts of my life are good instead of just a few parts.

I am going to try my BEST to keep up with this, even if just for my own sanity!

Can't wait to start thinking about song connections again!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Waiting for Tomorrow

For the past month I've been doing a 30 day challenge to listen only to Christian music when possible.  This means when I'm around my apartment, in my car - basically whenever I have control over what I listen to - it's been Christian music.  I have a few days left and definitely plan on keeping it going as much as possible. I've enjoyed having good, encouraging songs stuck in my head rather than the typical songs I get stuck in my head.  
One song that I've really liked listening to is by Mandisa and it's called "Waiting for Tomorrow" - 
Maybe tomorrow we'll start over
Maybe tomorrow I will finally change my ways
Said the same things yesterday
Don't know why I'm so afraid
To let you in
To let you win
To let you have all of me

Can't spend my whole life wastin'
Everything I know I've been given
'Cause you've made for so much more than
Sittin' on the side lines
I don't wanna look back and wonder
If good enough could've been better

Everyday's a day to start over
So, why am I waiting for tomorrow

Maybe today I'll start believing
That you're mercy is really
As real as you say it is
It doesn't matter who I used to be
It only matters that I've been set free
You rescued me you're changing me
Jesus take everything

Can't spend my whole life wastin'
Everything I know I've been given
'Cause you've made for so much more than
Sittin' on the side lines
I don't wanna look back and wonder
If good enough could've been better

Everyday's a day to start over
So, why am I waiting for tomorrow

Oh, I'm makin this my moment now
To grab the hand that's reachin down to save me You saved me
And I'm makin this my moment now
To grab the hand that's reachin down to save me You saved me

Can't spend my whole life wastin'
Everything I know I've been given
'Cause you've made for so much more than
Sittin' on the side lines
I don't wanna look back and wonder
If good enough could've been better

Everyday's a day to start over
So, why am I waiting for tomorrow

I'm gonna grab the hand that's reachin down
And I'm not gonna wait until tomorrow
Oh, tomorrow

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hey Good Lookin'

This song is not about me looking good, it's about me cooking!

A friend introduced me to a website called Pinterest a few months ago that has amazing recipes and I've decided to be adventurous and to test some out.  In the past few weeks I've been making a number of them and have been stockpiling recipes to make in the future.  

I even made a new page to the blog called "What's cooking" to track my progress.

The song of the week is "Hey Good Lookin'" by Hank Williams.

Hey, hey, good lookin', 
Whatcha got cookin'? 
How's about cookin' somethin' up with me? 
Hey, sweet baby, 
Don't you think maybe
We could find us a brand new recipe? 
I got a hot-rod Ford and a two-dollar bill
And I know a spot right over the hill. 
There's soda pop and the dancin's free, 
So if you wanna have fun come along with me. 
Hey, good lookin', 
Whatcha got cookin'? 
How's about cookin' somethin' up with me? 

I'm free and ready, 
So we can go steady. 
How's about savin' all your time for me? 
No more lookin', 
I know I've been tooken [sic]. 
How's about keepin' steady company? 

I'm gonna throw my date-book over the fence
And find me one for five or ten cents. 
I'll keep it 'til it's covered with age
'Cause I'm writin' your name down on every page. 
Hey, good lookin', 
Whatcha got cookin'? 
How's about cookin' somethin' up with me?

While I don't always have someone to cook for other than my roommate, the past few weekends I have had friends in town and have been baking/cooking for them which has been fun.

I can't wait to see what more I can make and to gain some confidence in the kitchen!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brave New Girl

I am not going to be ashamed about my song choice today.  

I've chosen "Brave New Girl" by Britney Spears.  This song was on one of her CDs that I got in high school, so it's pretty old and I don't think that it was ever released as a single.  However, when I think about the first few weeks of the new year, I think it describes what has been going on pretty well.

Brave New Girl.  My motto for the start of the year has turned into New Year, New Me.  Not that I thought the previous version of me was bad, but I knew that it was time to make some changes.  

This year I have made it a point to stand up for myself and who I am and what I believe.  I've also decided to do things for me and get outside of my comfort zone.  No more sitting back and watching life happen to me, now I'm the one writing my story and making it happen.  

There have been some things going on at work lately with co-workers and I am taking a stand.  Things have got to change and if no one else is doing anything about it then I am.  There are certain people who take no pride in their work and I think that it is shameful, especially in my profession.  Since I've started speaking up I've already noticed some changes.

I've decided that I need to get comfortable going out and meeting up with people instead of needing to go out with someone.  I've already done this a few times and it makes me feel empowered to be able to walk into a bar by myself and 'make an entrance.'  I've also decided that I need to be more willing to say yes to new opportunities instead of saying no or being apprehensive.

That's right!  I got into school for my masters and the online classes started this past Monday.  While I was feeling pretty overwhelmed the past few days I think I have everything under control and a grasp of what is expected of me.  I'm really looking forward to having something to strive for and to really actively learning and having intellectual conversations with my new peers.

I have decided that I don't want to keep wondering and making myself think "what if" anymore when I meet someone who I'm interested in but do nothing about.  I was with some friends at a bar after work for a little bit on new year's eve before I had to head home because I was working the next day when we met the bartender... Sure I thought he was cute and really nice and my friends and I proceeded to go back the next two nights because he told us he was working each night.  According to them he was taking special notice of me, and I admitted that I thought he was interesting and intriguing.  I've now gone back twice by myself when he has told me that he'd be working.  Whether or not this ends up going somewhere, at least I can't think that I didn't try or wonder if it could have turned into something.  I'm putting myself out there and I'm going to find out.  Yes or no.  Details to come on this if it ends up being anything more to talk about...

Overall I feel like this year is going to be a good year.  Why?  Well, ever since I was in high school I've had a recurring dream in which I am walking through the school and it felt like my legs were made of lead and it was so difficult to get to where I needed/wanted to be.  It went away for a few years when I first started college and then it came back with a vengeance junior year when I was so unhappy with my classes and some friendships and things just weren't going well overall.  When things improved, the frequency of the dream lessened.  Senior year when I was again stressed out and so uncertain about where my life was going after graduation because I wasn't getting any leads on jobs and was nervous about taking my boards the dream came back.  The dream had then stayed away for quite awhile but it came back last summer and fall when I just couldn't make the leap to decide on a school and master's program.  As soon as I did, the dream stopped.  
Have you noticed the pattern?  When I am uncertain about where my life is going or what I am doing, the dream where I feel like I can't move occurs and it makes me not even want to sleep.  When does the dream go away?  When I start really praying, really reading my Bible with a regularity, and making changes in my life and making decisions about what path I want to take.  I know all the while God is leading me where He wants to be, but sometimes it is difficult to feel like your life is stagnant and that's what the dream was telling me.  I feel like it is going to be a good year because at this point in time there is nothing that I want to change.  I am happy with the choices that I am making and what I have going on this year and know that so much more will happen that I don't even know about yet.  

New Year, New Me.  I'm a brave new girl and I'm excited to see how this year is going to turn out because the first few weeks have been pretty great!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Life

Welcome 2012!

The first few days of the year are a blur due to work, but now that I've had a few days off I've let it sink in that yet another year is complete and a new one has begun.

As I reflect on 2011 I am happy with the year.  It brought many new experiences, relationships, adventures and memories.  As I look forward to 2012 I am also excited for everything coming my way.  I know there will be challenges (balancing work, school and life) but also many joys (becoming better friends with the girls from work, welcoming new babies to my extended family, weddings of friends, and possible travels). While nothing is ever a sure thing, I do know that this is a good life.

Therefore, one of my favorite songs of the last half of the year, OneRepublic's "Good Life" is the song that I am singing for the start of 2012!