Sunday, October 30, 2011


Tomorrow is Halloween.  Definitely not one of my favorite holidays, but it's a fun day none the less.  I remember being little and being so excited to run around with all of my neighborhood friends amassing as much candy as we could carry.

This year, while I won't be trick-or-treating or even handing out candy (how do kids trick-or-treat in the city?), I was able to make a costume and go out with some friends down in Springfield.  We had some fun arts-and-crafts time making our costumes and once at the bar we were told by many people that our costumes were their favorites!  Yay!  My roommate was the ABCs while my other friends and I were a game of beer pong.  Here's a picture - 

In honor of tomorrow being October 31st, the song of the day is 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson.  It's the perfect creepy, great song for Halloween!

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