Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey Jude

This past weekend was a great one!

In summary - Friday I worked and when I got home my two great friends from college and my roommate were at my apartment waiting for me.  Saturday we walked around, hung out, went out to dinner and then had a little party at the apartment with a bunch of other friends from school.  Sunday was all about relaxation which involved playing frisbee and swimming at the beach, eating yummy home made pasta salad, walking around the Southport Summerfest that included Mike & Joe (an awesome coverband that we used to go see during college) and some delicious Dairy Queen.

Sunday night was also the first night of two Paul McCartney concerts at Wrigleyfield.... which meant that I sat on my porch and rocked out to old Beatles hits.  I've always wanted to hear Hey Jude performed live by the Sir Paul McCartney and I have now crossed it off of my bucket list!!!  There is nothing like hearing one of your favorite songs by the legend himself!

Because of this concert, the song of the past two days has really been any song by The Beatles.

I was thinking last night about what Mr. McCartney must think about when he reflects on his life.  It really is unfathomable to me.  I wonder what the highest point and lowest point of his life is.  How does he even begin to remember all of the places and experiences that he has had?  What is it like to know that  you played such a significant role in the history of music and pop culture?  I mean, really, he is just a guy, just one person, but his name will live forever.  How does a mere human being even begin to comprehend that?  That's all just some food for thought.

Good night!

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