Monday, July 4, 2011

God Bless America!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Behind Thanksgiving, the 4th of July has always been my second favorite holiday.  I love the barbecues, walking to the fireworks and finding a spot on the golf course, the 'ooos and aaaahs' during the fireworks, American flags hanging from every house up and down the street, the sounds of laughter coming from friends and families getting together, and the almost always great weather.

I grew up on a col-d-sac and we have some very good friends here.  For as long as I can remember, we've had a tradition of getting together at either my house or one of the houses across the circle for dinner, dessert and games.  We then all walk over to the fireworks and sit together.  Afterwards we always end up back at my house whether we started there or not and have a personal firework show provided to us by one of our old neighbors who moved away but who will always be our neighbor at heart.  The people who I spend the 4th of July with are my family - even though not by blood, we are by our friendships, memories and traditions.

This weekend has been full of fun bbqs.  I worked Friday and Saturday and due to discharging almost all of my patients I got to leave my shift early on Friday - it was great!  I got home and made Greek pizza and guacamole (not very American, I know!) with my roommate and her friend.  After work on Saturday I went straight to my brother's apartment for a bbq and hung out with a bunch of kids from college and high school.  I am now at my parents (got here yesterday) and last night I had a really nice time at a party thrown by our 'old neighbors' son, who was a year younger than me in school but who in the past few months we've starting becoming better friends again.  It was an interesting party because while I recognized the majority of people there from high school being a year younger than me, since we're all out of college now it didn't even matter that I was older.  All in all I'm very glad that I went.

Today!  Today is the 4th of July so the song of the day is God Bless America.  Sometimes I think that this song should be the nation's national anthem.  I love this song.  Is it weird that one of my favorite versions of this song is by Celine Dion, a Canadian?

I am very excited for today.  This afternoon the party is starting across the circle and it should be a great time!  I have to work tomorrow so I'll be heading back to the city tonight shortly after the fireworks - thank goodness I don't have to work Wednesday which means that I'll be able to survive tomorrow since it's just one lone shift :-).

Have a lovely and safe 4th of July!  Take this day to remember our country's history (both good and bad parts) so that we can learn from our mistakes but remember to appreciate the things that make this country great.

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