Friday, March 4, 2011

Amelia's Missing

Have you noticed that nobody talks anymore?

I get on the L, go to the store, walk around on the street - pretty much anywhere and everywhere I go I see that everyone has head phones in their ears and their phone in their hand and they're texting away.    I even see this with groups of people who are clearly together, like at a bar, and they'll stand in a circle and all be on their phone.  Can people really not talk to each other and have a face to face conversation with the people they are with or the stranger standing next to them anymore?

The song of my thoughts for the day is 'Amelia's Missing' by Jon McLaughlin.

"I can't find my watch
I can't find my wallet
So how in the hell am I supposed to find?

The one that I love
The one that I need
Hidden so high
Burried so deep

Somewhere to run
Somewhere to go
And if I ever find her,
How will i know? How will I know?"

Because nobody seems to talk to anyone else, how are people supposed to meet one another and have a relationship?  That's what this song is all about, how do you find someone?  Or how do they find you, or how do your lives intersect and how do you know that the random person next to you could be a good match for you? 

How is this supposed to work?! 

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