Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday... to me!

Song of the day is the birthday song!

Today is my birthday!  I spent it like a grown up but had a great weekend!  I didn't have to work today (one of the joys of being a nurse!), but still had to go to work for an appointment, went to a dentist appointment, did laundry, and cleaned my apartment (which is finally back to normal after an amazing party on Saturday).  I was able to mix in some shopping/browsing along Michigan Avenue in between appointments and treated myself to a cute top from the Gap while enjoying the occasional sunshine that poke through the clouds as I walked.

The best part of my weekend was Saturday night.  I'm a triplet so my brother, sister and I hosted a birthday party at my apartment and it was a-maz-ing.  I started with dinner at a cute bar near my apartment with a few friends from college who I rarely see and then had a blast at the party!  All in all we think about 40 people showed up including friends we've known since we were 3 all the way up to friends from college as well as a number of cousins.  My parents even stopped by at the beginning and brought a giant cake.  It was a lot of fun seeing them interact with my friends and to see how much my friends like them - I couldn't ask for better parents :-).  Seeing how well everyone from our past and present meshed together and enjoyed one another's company makes me want to host a party every weekend (even with the aftermath) because we all had so much fun!

I'm off to get a cupcake :-)

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